Community EngagementOur organization is an art gallery where active involvement encourages the artist’s cognitive thinking, affection and psycho-motor development to children with disabilities (Down Syndrome, ADHD, and Autism), seniors and veterans from all walks of life.
Community Engagement
Through the art of making unique candles, soaps, drawings, paintings and the writing of exquisite poetry, novice artists reveal themselves with a creative and expressive attitude, imagination, thinking, and unselfishness.
Giving Light’s mission is to partner with successful businesses and other ministries for community support and to provide candles, a source of energy, and soaps for basic humanitarian needs to local families and children as well as families in undeveloped countries. To accomplish our goals, we are asking that we all sponsor a child with the purchase of candle-making kits for $75.00 per kit.
There are 1.6 billion people living without electricity in undeveloped countries. They make no more than two dollars a day. More importantly, they live in rural areas, villages and in collapsible shelter where there is no electricity. From 6pm till 6am, they live in complete darkness, except for a few candles among them. They burn bio mass, human feces and wood for heating and cooking.

Some of the Countries That Receive Our Help:

  • Cambodia
  • Latin America
  • Kenya
  • China
  • Ethiopia
  • Myanmar
  • Uganda
  • Phillipines
Scented Pink Candles
Scented wax pink candles in 8oz.$5.00 each

4 Bar Set of Homemade Soaps
A box set of four separate scented oil bars of $5.00 eachsoaps.